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Thai erotic massage in Kiev

Тайский массажTraditional Thai massage is not only a whole science, but also an art. The knowledge of all the techniques and techniques of this erotic massage has been passed on to generations of students, and is widely practiced not only in Thailand, but all over the world. Thai erotic massage is also popular in Kiev. In our salon you can order a session of such a healing procedure. And instead of covering the distance from Bangkok to Kiev, you can try Thai massage in your hometown. After all, experienced masters who have received qualifications in schools of Thai medicine work for you here.

First of all, Thai erotic massage is a whole system of wellness techniques. Some experts call this type of erotic massage passive yoga, since our body succumbs to weak stretching, gentle swinging movements and even the effect on biologically active points, which is typical for oriental medicine. With these techniques, joints open, muscles and tendons are stretched. And as a result, the vitality of the human body increases, and the body relaxes as much as possible.

Energy is constantly circulating in the body, which should be distributed evenly throughout all channels, tissues and organs. Any of the violations of the energy flow leads to a decrease in the balance in the body and immunity, and various diseases can also be the result. Thai accepted erotic massage also because it relieves stress and tension, and the special technique of such a procedure removes blockages and stagnation in certain places of the body, so that the energy flows through it freely. Plus, a lot of people are attracted to this procedure by a pleasant technique.

Wellness Thai massage takes place in an inviting oriental atmosphere, where light melodies sound and aromas of floral fragrances soar. With gentle movements, the masseuse begins to gently affect the muscles of the body, stretching them. It also relieves tension by rubbing the tendons and ligaments in the body. Most often, in such a procedure, not only fingers and palms are used, but also feet, knees and elbows. Smooth movements at a calm pace, typical for massage, will relax the whole body and add vitality to the body.

People who suffer from chronic fatigue or nervous stress turn to Thai massage specialists. The procedures allow you to forget about daily worries and bustle, and completely indulge in a surge of energy and heavenly pleasure. Kiev does not compare Thai massage with anything else, since its features are kept secret and are available only to the elite. Nevertheless, today many people wish to use such techniques.

One of the important factors that clients pay attention to is Thai girls and, accordingly, Thai exoticism. But the essence of such a procedure – Thai massage Kiev believes in the exchange of energy waves between both participants: the client and the massage therapist. Mutual and harmonious connection in such a process is the reason that this technique is also called “erotic massage”.

Subtle oriental work with the energy of the body lasts, as a rule, about 2.5 hours. Usually the master begins the procedure with the lower extremities – the feet, then rises higher. The position of not only the legs, but also the whole body changes during the massage. From the very beginning, the patient lies on his back, then turns on his side, and finally, lies on his stomach, the face should be directed downward. In general, the whole technique of Thai massage helps to normalize the tone in the body, as well as improve the mobility of the joints.

As you know, health should be given more attention than we think. Our masseurs will be happy to perform a relaxing procedure for you, after which you will definitely feel a surge of strength and vitality. Thai massage in Kiev can hardly be called an expensive pleasure, perhaps a very useful pleasure not only for the body, but also for the soul!