Departure to the client

At your request, our girl-masseuse will come to give a massage to a convenient territory for you. In this case, we have certain requirements for you:

The girl will come to you only if you have not and will not drink alcohol.

An important rule of our salon: we work without sex services and oral sex. As for intimacy, you cannot agree with our girl – 100%.

In addition to the cost of massage, you pay for a taxi in both directions. The amount of the massage order on the road is at least 1000 UAH.

Once again, about the important: our salon provides erotic massage services (oral sex and intimate services are excluded). However, the charming masseuse will certainly bring you to a state of orgasm using the art of body massage and hand techniques.

Massage types

Виды массажаAnyone who knows what massage is will never give up on it. And all because it does not require any effort from you. Unless you need to relax, think about something pleasant … And before that, decide on the choice of which massage you want.

As you know, there are many different types of erotic massage, of which almost every one is therapeutic. But, nevertheless, all types of massage do not have a single classification. We will introduce you to the course and tell you about the most commonly used massage procedures.

Classic – basic erotic massage, which is the basis for many other types. This is the most common type of massage in which the body is rubbed, kneaded and stroked. Massage can be general and local, that is, on individual parts of the body. Thanks to the classic massage, the hormonal balance in the body is restored, the blood circulation in the body is improved, and the tissues are supplied with oxygen.

Oriental massages are in great demand. Among them, the most famous is Chinese massage or shiatsu, which is performed by moderate pressure of fingers and palms on specific points and areas of the body. After a session of this massage, energy flows in the body are improved, and the balance of the whole body is restored.

Thai healing massage is also popular and in great demand, as only a few specialists know its techniques. The peculiarity of this type of massage is that the massage therapist will knead each muscle and joint with light stretches, pressure, tapping and even twisting. This is characterized by mild pain. And this is not surprising, because it is so laid down by nature. But after Thai massage you will feel the relaxation and vitality of every cell of your body.

If you want to experience new feelings, able to awaken not only the energy of the body, but also sexual desires, you can visit a fantastic session of erotic massage. Often, many feel constrained before such an extraordinary procedure, but there is nothing immoral about it. After all, if there is almost no passion left in your life, then this is a sure way to return it. You can experience, for example, a tantric massage performed by the female body, which stimulates the most intimate desires. This type is used not only by men, massage for women is an exciting, bright and unforgettable action. And for lovers, a massage for couples will be a good opportunity to enjoy not only a massage, but also mutual caresses.

Feel free to experiment and take bold steps towards new sensations. For this, there are many types of massage for any choice.