Acupressure Chinese shiatsu massage

Acupressure Chinese shiatsu massage

Точечный китайский массаж шиацу

Shiatsu erotic massage occupies a special place among all types of massage – one of the most famous procedures in Chinese medicine. It is called point or shiatsu because it is carried out by pressing with different forces of the fingers on biologically active points of the body. The frequency and duration of such clicks is also important. Sometimes it is better to influence the points of the body not only with your fingers, but with the whole palm. Shiatsu erotic massage is used for different purposes, for example, to relieve different types of pain (headache, muscle pain, recurrent pain in women, etc.). It is also used to increase the efficiency and tone of the body, improve memory, vision, hearing and for other purposes. Basically, with a point effect, the protective barrier of the body is strengthened, immunity is increased and the activation of internal energy in the body.

Chinese acupressure does not require special medical knowledge, but the masters of this type of erotic massage know the points that should be affected. Therefore, it is not recommended to do shiatsu on your own, leave it to our masseurs. Treatment for problems such as insomnia or stress breakdowns is best treated with pinpoint treatments. Acupressure massage also affects the improvement of the musculoskeletal system. But in most cases, massage not only helps to get rid of diseases and various ailments, but also increases sexuality. Many couples use shiatsu massage on themselves, thereby increasing their sexual activity.

The points that are responsible for the flow of energy through the body are felt by the Shiatsu specialist on an intuitive level. They are selected on those areas of the body where the patient feels the greatest pain. Each of us, succumbing to instinctive impulses, begins to stroke the part of the body where he feels pain. Thus, the healing effect of acupressure occurs – by pressing on biologically active points, since Chinese acupressure is to normalize the energy in the body.

It is important to note two types of this erotic massage: acupuncture – acupuncture or acupuncture, and acupressure – pressure on certain points of the body. Just during acupressure, or pressure on areas of the body, it is possible to feel mild pain. By working through these points and deep breathing, the healing effect is enhanced.

We provide the opportunity to experience extraordinary acupressure therapy in our salon. Experienced and qualified massage therapists know how to normalize the flow of energy with the help of fingers and pressing on areas of your body. Many people have appreciated the results of shiatsu. After the skillful actions of the masseur, you will feel relaxation and lightness in the body, blood pressure and pulse will return to normal, and overall calmness will contribute to healthy and sound sleep.

Acupressure massage helps to normalize appetite and improve metabolism. Often people who want to get rid of addictions, such as smoking or alcoholism, also turn to methods of targeted exposure.

Many women receive excellent appearance and well-being from shiatsu procedures. Using this massage smoothes out wrinkles on the face, relieves it of acne and blackheads. The double chin can also be easily removed by attending several shiatsu sessions.

If you want to stay forever young, not only in body but also in spirit, we recommend trying for this shiatsu massage, which is provided by experienced masseurs in our salon. Well-groomed appearance and well-being are great. Do not put off the opportunity to rejuvenate today, we will be glad to see you in our salon. We are sure that you will want to attend other sessions of different types of massage.